Islander Hotel & Resort is committed to the principle that every individual, regardless of physical or mental ability, feels welcome at our hotel and while navigating our online services.

We are actively working on features of our website to ensure that we are accessible to any person on any device.
These initiatives include:

  • Implementation of accessibility tools and documentation
  • Increased awareness and improved expertise on accessibility guidelines among our team
  • Any new projects will be undertaken with accessibility in consideration
  • Quarterly WCAG 2 – Level AA accessibility audits performed and analyzed

Our Property

The Islander Hotel & Resort is an independent condo-hotel. While the facility is managed daily the same as any standard hotel, each guest room is owned and furnished by a different individual or entity.

The Islander is a 2 story facility with two separate buildings.
-The first building, furthest from the beach and closer to the main road is all indoors.

  • The first floor contains the lobby, front desk, business center, ballroom, conference center, and marketplace.
  • The second floor is made up of the newly renovated guest rooms, including the Inlet Rooms, High Tide King Suite, and Accessible Low Tide King Suite.
  • There is both an elevator and stairs to access the second floor.

The second building, closest to the beach and furthest from the main road, is an outdoor corridor facility.

  • Both the first and second floor contain the Island, Island Palm, and Emerald Oceanfront Rooms, as well as the Coastal Corner Suite.
  • There are no elevators to access the second floor.

No entrance at the Islander has an automatic button to open doors.

The parking lot has larger accessible spots on the left hand side of the hotel. The closest entrance from the accessible spots to the lobby and front desk is through the back door. The front entrance is also accessible.

Any guest can freely move and access the amenities provided in the main building.

The outdoor pool is a fenced in area and accessible from the bottom floor. The pool does not have a handicap pool lift.

Accessible paved walkways surround the entire perimeter of both buildings.

Hammocks are on the lawn, not along the paved walkways.

Guest laundry and the ATM are accessible from the bottom floor.

Our beach access has 14 stairs and no ramp. On the left side of the hotel, there is a public beach access with a ramp. The Town of Emerald Isle provides free sand wheelchairs at their office.

Guest Rooms

The only fully accessible guest room is the Accessible Low Tide King Suite.

  • Door frame width: 35″
  • Kitchenette counter has cubbyhole. Countertop is 33″ off the ground
  • Toilet and roll-in shower equipped with grab bars 34″ off the ground
  • The sink has a height of 33″. To protect from a hot pipe underthe sink, a piece of wood is placed at a slant and does not allow full accessibility underneath the sink.
  • Bed height: 30″

No guest rooms have automatic door openers.

All guest rooms are level.